Sometimes it is very difficult for a new writer to get honest reviews on either his or her manuscript or published books. I would be glad to do reviews of either one and provide an honest and constructive evaluation of the material. I will include my PERSONAL GENERAL COMMENTS plus SPECIFIC COMMENTS, SIGNIFICANT AND INTERESTING QUOTES FROM THE BOOK (that could be used on the book cover, etc.), STAR RATING BASED ON A FIVE STAR QUALIFICATION, AND ANY OTHER IMPORTANT COMMENTS PERTINENT TO THE PUBLICATION. Finally, I will include the publication in a recommendation on this web site for a month regardless of the review. Now, one thing, I will  certainly not edit your book because that will be a major undertaking, but I promise that I will render a fair review of your effort regardless.

Okay! What does all of this cost? ACTUALLY NOTHING! However, I may keep your book for my library. Just send me your book by mail. My address is listed on this web site. If you don't have a hard copy, then send a digital one. I promise that I will get the review back to you within a month or less. That is all there is to it. When I receive your publication, I will acknowledge your request and start immediately on the review. Be sure to include your mailing and e-mail address and web site if you have one.

What are my qualifications to do reviews? I have worked as a Technical Writer/Editor in government and industry for over 20 years. I had my own book published by Black Rose Writing on November 6, 2014 (Climb Up the Steel Mountain, check it out). I also had a short story (The Manuscript of Adrian Hobart) dramatized and broadcast on BBC Work Service Radio and published in the Troy University publication, Copper Plate Review). I also had an article published in the magazine for technical communicators (Intercom). I also have penned the lyrics for three musicals that were presented on the amateur stage. This is only a small sample of my background. I also have completed over 15 short stories in the Poe genre. I have also been the editor of four newsletters. My background and accomplishments are listed on this web site. If you have any questions, let me know by e-mail. Thanks! So far, I have not done many reviews. If this continues, I will stop it completely and concentrate on my own books.

A Brief Note and Opinion: As for my books, I welcome a thoughtful, precise and fair review of my books. However, I have discovered that sometimes reviewers want to, first of all, do an edit or rewrite rather than a review. Secondly, they tend to evaluate other books based on their own personal preferences. This is especially true of other authors. My book, Climb Up the Steel Mountain is based on real life and real life is sometimes very boring. However, all life is always very real and it is difficult to make it more exciting based on the preferences of a reader or reviewer who prefers his or her own genres of action, murder, sex, LGBT, and related. Readers will always judge a work based on their own preferences and there is little any author can do about that. Just keep an open mind. I know some classics that I absolutely abhor.