Jun. 30, 2015



An outstanding novel that I recently reviewed is "FINDING LIAN." The book was published by Black Rose Writing of Castroville, Texas which is the same publisher that did my books, "Climb Up the Steel Mountain," "Strange Tales of the Ironic and Eclectic," and "Days of Sand and Royals." "Finding Lien" by R. Bruce Logan is an excellent written book by a former US Army Officer and Vietnam veteran. It is a fictional account of the child prostitution trade in Vietnam and Cambodia. You will not be able to put it down once you start it. It has action, sorrow, deceit, and a lot more. LOOK FOR THIS BOOK AND OTHERS AND ORDER FROM WWW.BLACKROSEWRITING.COM/BOOKS OR WWW.AMAZON.COM! ALSO BARNES AND NOBLE.COM. YOU WILL ENJOY AND LOVE IT FROM START TO FINISH. This is an unsolicited recommendation. FIVE STARS FOR IT. If you read any of my books, please also give me a review on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble. You don't have to buy the book there but it is better if you do. THANKS.

Don't forget my collection of Poe-like short stories. The stories are written in the Edgar Allan Poe weird and eerie tradition. This collection of weird short stories entitled "Strange Tales of the Ironic and Eclectic" was published by Black Rose Writing on February 25, 2016. I also finished another book about my 14 years of employment in Saudi Arabia working for a major company and the Royal Family. It is called "Days of Sand and Royals." It was published on October 13, 2016. This is my third book.

Up to date, I have FIVE 5-STAR REVIEWS on Amazon for my book "Climb Up the Steel Mountain." I would like to reprint them here for everyones' information:

"Excellent Book! The book was very well written with great detail and very easy to read. The author had done much research on the medical information provided and was accurate! The descriptions of different towns and cities made you feel like you were physically there. An excellent book that I would recommend for all to read!" FIVE STARS. By Amazon Customer on October 24, 2015.

"Very well researched, makes you remember all those formative years. It is real life. It brings back memories of the Pittsburgh area and the Cleveland area, all locations of my childhood and formative years. It really is a good book." FIVE STARS. By Virginia Ellen Nelson on January 13, 2015.

"Very well written and a great story line. I would recommend to everyone that they should buy this book." FIVE STARS. By Carole Damico on June 15, 2015.

"Extraordinary moving work - the details cumulate and form a terrific narrative. Highly recommended." FIVESTARS. By James R. Kincaid on December 23, 2015. 

"Although fiction, this book would easily pass for a very well written biography. Personally, I found the description of wartime life in the the Pittsburgh area and the dedication and determination required to be come a cardiac surgeon the most striking parts of the story. Before opening this book, I was not interested in either of those experiences, but Len Steiner made them accessible and engaging, hence the 5 stars. I would recommend this book to anybody interested in the Pittsburgh area, becoming a physician, or just like stories of overcoming adversity through sheer pig-headedness." FIVE STARS. By C. G. Carey on February 4, 2016.

 I also have one five-star rating on Amazon for "Days of Sand and Royals."

Also, for those that are doing book promotions, that is another sensitive area. Recently, I sent 13 letters with promotion material on my book to the Pittsburgh area book stores (B&N and others). Do you know how many answers I got? Again, NONE. I even sent the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Book Editor a free copy and heard absolutely NOTHING. Maybe he threw my book in the trash. I guess he gets a lot of them. I got absolutely no support whatsoever in the Pittsburgh area and that is the area that my first book is all about. It promotes Pittsburgh and its university and hospitals, but no one contacted me about it. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT? So, if you want to do promotion on your book, you had better do it in PERSON. Maybe you will get better results that way. I had a book signing at B&N in Dothan, AL. and that is what I did. Promotion for authors is tough. Unless you have a good agent (I have NONE), you will have to keep plugging with no results many times. Actually, I am still looking for an agent. If there is one out there that is interested in my work, please contact me. NEVERMORE!

Also, I found that my local Dothan, AL. area is not very supportive of local authors. I have sent a number of Press Releases to my local newspaper (The Dothan Eagle) and some local magazines (Wiregrass Seniors, Dothan VIP, and others) but never got even an acknowledgement. They have had articles about out-of-town authors in the past published by Associated Press. Even our new local fancy library is remiss since I dropped off a copy of my first book only to find out later on a follow-up visit that the book was nowhere to be found in the library. It either went to a home library or in the trash can. The latter would probably be closer to the truth. The only way that authors can really make any revenue from books is to either be a celebrity or write a dirty book. I am neither and my royalties go to charity. I only write to keep busy and to leave something behind when I go. However, the library did sponsor a "Local Authors Talk" session a while back that included four other local authors plus myself. They have a new girl doing these promotions at the library and she is very good. However, I hope that she continues. Attendance was minimal. The library now has copies of all my books in their facility since I gave them copies once again.