Jun. 29, 2015

A Few Things About Promotion

I did find out a few things when I sent a letter and my book to Barnes & Noble, Small Press Department in New York. I asked if they would stock my book at their stores. I got a nice letter and even a phone call from Diane L. Simowski in the Small Press Department. She referred me to the web site, www.barnesandnoble.com in the Services section in the Publisher & Author Guidelines section. This section outlines in detail the B&N requirements for store placement including points to consider. It also includes "How to be Considered for an Author Event." If anyone is interested in more information, please send me an e-mail to clmbstlmtn@yahoo.com and I will be glad to elaborate on Diane's information. The biggest factor is that B&N expects your book to be discounted to them via what they call a "regular trade discount" of 50% to 55%. Normally B&N obtains their books from the wholesaler Ingram and that would have to be negotiated through them. Some authors have provided their own books but B&N expects a decent discount that might end up with the author losing money. Check it out!

Finally, to anyone that wants to read what I think is a decent book with a medical and motivational theme, check out my book entitled, Climb Up the Steel Mountain. It takes place in Pittsburgh and tells the story of a young boy who is uprooted by divorce and ends up with an alcoholic abusive stepfather. He manages to almost overcome all of his problems with the help of a benefactor to become a prominent cardiac surgeon. He suffers many deaths along the way including his first real love and unborn child and finally does two heart transplants that are successful. The book contains diversity since the doctor's colleague in Vietnam is African-American (ends up a hero) and his benefactor is of the Jewish faith while the doctor is Roman Catholic. ONCE YOU READ IT, YOU WILL NOT FORGET IT. THE NOVEL IS SIMILAR TO ARROWSMITH BY SINCLAIR LEWIS but the author is not claiming a Pulitzer Prize. However, I do have five 5-star reviews on Amazon. Check it out!

I will also sign the book for anyone if they just send the book to my home address. I will sign it and return it to the sender's address at my expense. Just tell me the dedication words.

If anyone is writing a book and would like some advice of any kind, all they have to do is send me an e-mail with the question(s) and I would be glad to answer. If there is anyway that I can help new authors, just let me know. Book marketing is very difficult unless you are a known celebrity and a known person. Even friends and relatives may have a tendency to kind of ignore your accomplishment. Perhaps the reason is that they do not want to either offend the author or build up his ego by making comments. Do not be discouraged. I have written over 100 letters to various offices including magazines, newspapers, book stores, senior citizens organizations, mayors, mom and pop book stores, old friends (even some depicted in my book as well as a restaurant that I used to patronize), magazines, etc. etc, etc. and no one ever took the time to reply. I even wrote my old high school (in the book) and was told that there was no time for former students who write books (so says the "expert librarian"). Just keep on plugging. Finally, and I hate to say it and you may already know it. You can write a "dirty book" that might appeal to some people. But, remember, most of the old classics are not in that category. We seem to be having a lot of that type of literature lately and movies to boot.I will also be glad to trade reviews. Just e-mail me as to how you would like to do the exchange.

IF YOU DO BUY THE BOOK via the internet, PLEASE ACCESS AMAZON OR B&N OR ANY OTHER SITE AND WRITE A BRIEF REVIEW.  IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL, BOTH TO POTENTIAL READERS AND MYSELF. ALSO, YOU CAN GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST IF YOU LIKE. Remember this book is based on real life so, if you want to criticize what already occurred, have at it. Truth can be stranger than fiction, so they say.

Also, I have well over 15 years experience as a Technical Writer/Editor and Freelance Writer in industry and government. Check out my credentials also on this web site. I am also available for any advice to new or potential authors as I mentioned above. Just e-mail me at clmbstlmtn@yahoo.com with your questions and I will reply with an answer. I am on Facebook at the Black Rose Writing Authors section.

I do have a collection of short stories in the Edgar Allen Poe tradition that was published by Black Rose Writing on February 25, 2016. It is titled "Strange Stories of the Ironic and Eclectic." My third book is about my 14 years of work in Saudi Arabia for American companies and two Princes of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family. I call it "Days of Sand and Royals." (Below)

My third book about my 14 years of work in Saudi Arabia for major companies and the Saudi Arabian Royal family was published on October 13, 2016. I guarantee that it is interesting and will give the reader an insight into the REAL Saudi Arabia under Sharia Law.  Advance copies will be available through Black Rose Writing.com. SEE THE NEW COVER ABOVE. .